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My Peerless Songbird seemed nicer that the few MIC Epiphone's I tried. Part of that is the chunkier necks though which I prefer. But also generally the finishing is better on the Peerless, tidier round the F holes etc. The old Peerless made Epi's are similar to the current Peerless branded guitars. Saying that the MIC guitars are catching up and if you try a few and get a good one there may That brings me to the Current Epiphone Casino. Best guess is it will have a Gibson USA price, but the thing that Puzzles me about it is, like a lot of people said, why aren’t they making it in the the style of John and George’s Casinos, the most well known models. Maybe it’s because so many imports have been made in that style that they have to distinguish the US version so it doesn’t I bought a 2004 Casino, made in Korea at the Peerless factory about 2 years ago. Awesome guitar - brilliant clean tones, awesome neck. The guitar was very top heavy, and when you let go of the neck, the headstock would head for the floor...not the biggest of deals, but one negative. Fast forward about a year after that purchase, I am in a guitar store and see a John Lennon Casino on the wall Epiphone's original semi-acoustic, the Casino has changed little over the years. The combination of the hollow body and twin P90 pickups deliver a warm yet bright sound that sparkles. Beautiful 1996 Epiphone Sorrento. Made in South Korea at the coveted Peerless factory! Very similar to the Casino. The only blemish I am seeing on this guitar is a little bit of glue that ran over on the 1st string side of the nut. (See photos) I'm missing the pick-up selector switch tip. A Washburn case is included that has seen better days I do love the Peerless Casinos. My first Casino was a 1997 Peerless Casino and I'm thinking about buying another one now. One of the reasons this thread came about because the seller was giving it the usual "better than the Chinese Casinos" but as myself and the seller are both Beatles fans, we both know that you can pick up a second hand IBJL Casino for £500 or less. Epiphone Casino Review By David Larson on June 4, 2014. Facebook. Twitter. Tumblr. Pinterest. PROS: Great fit and finish; fantastic neck; highly responsive and articulate P90 pickups. CONS: None. PRICE: $599 w/out case. The Casino has been around for decades, first brought to worldwide fame by the Beatles. Since then, Epiphone’s production has moved around the globe a few times, first from Schöner Bericht und natürlich auch ne wunderbare Gitarre Die Leute bei Peerless bauen wirklich tolle Sachen. Die Epiphone Modelle aus diesen Werken haben oftmals die schönsten Hölzer (ich erinnere mich an eine Casino mit einem Wölkchenahorn(-Furnier) Korpus!) und stehen zusammen mit den Unsung-Epiphones an der Spitze des mittleren Preissegments. Casino Archtop Since 1961, the legendary Casino has been Epiphone’s best-selling archtop and a rock ‘n’ roll standard. First introduced in 1961, the Casino was just one of several new thinline archtops designed and produced at the company’s adopted new factory in Kalamazoo, Michigan that it shared with one-time competitor and new partner, Gibson.

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