Play Louisiana Slot Machines DiamondJacks Casino & Hotel

You cant jack the cars in the diamond casino's parking garage?

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DiamondJacks Casino & Hotel Bossier City, LA -

Save big on hotel room rates for DiamondJacks Casino & Hotel, Bossier City. Book online now or call our reservations desk. DiamondJacks Casino & Hotel
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DiamondJacks Casino & Hotel Bossier City, LA -

Save big on hotel room rates for DiamondJacks Casino & Hotel, Bossier City. Book online now at DiamondJacks Casino & Hotel
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Embrace Comfort and Convenience at These Impressive Hotels

Embrace Comfort and Convenience at These Impressive Hotels
Touring the countryside and soaking in the beauty of Nature is an enjoyable experience. There is no doubt about it, but it is also imperative that you have a comfortable place to rest and energize your body after your sojourns. Look at these hotels that can provide the ultimate in luxury, comfort, and convenience.

Four Points by Sheraton Bangor Airport

Waiting for a connecting flight is a tiresome activity anytime. However, it need not be so if you have to wait at the Bangor International Airport. You can put your feet up and rest at the Four Points by Sheraton Bangor Airport. The advantage is that the hotel is the only one of its kind connected directly by an enclosed skywalk to the airport.
Four Points by Sheraton Bangor Airport
This hotel is also a favored location for tourists to day-trip destinations like Acadia National park, Bar Harbor, the lakes region, and so on. The indoor saline pool provides the ideal setting to rejuvenate your tired feet. The fitness center and the restaurant serve to rejuvenate your body and refuel it to make it ready for the next day.

Ramona Valley Inn

Who would not love to visit the San Diego Wild Animal Park? When you have other places of tourist interest such as Lake Sutherland and Swartz Canyon County in the vicinity, it does make sense to book a suite in the comfortable Ramona Valley Inn. You get a homely experience with country-style furnishings and air-conditioned rooms waiting to greet you.
Ramona Valley Inn
Apart from the free Wi-Fi and cable TV, you have other amenities like airy swimming pool, mini fridges, complimentary parking, and special tables and chairs for children below 12 years of age. It is a pet-friendly hotel as well. You do not get a restaurant service, but there are renowned restaurants in the vicinity to satiate your appetite.

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Grenada

The IHG Group of hotels delivers the best luxury to its customers throughout the world. The Holiday Inn Express & Suites Grenada is no exception either. You experience the best treatment from the incredibly courteous staff at this hotel. Grenada is a beautiful place. By providing the best services, this hotel makes Grenada one of the most inviting places on Earth.
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Grenada
This 2.5-star accommodation provides amenities such as free parking and breakfast to each client. You have air conditioning in all the rooms and suites. The swimming pool is one of the best places to rewind at this hotel. The best aspect of this hotel is that you get these amenities are rates you can never imagine.

DiamondJacks Casino & Hotel

The name DiamondJacks Casino & Hotel gives the game away. This hotel in Bossier City, LA is one of its kinds that provide casino facilities to its customers. You can have a fantastic time at this casino and hotel by pitting your wits and fortune with the best in the business. If you wish to play hard, this hotel should be right up there on your radar. You not only play hard but also can enjoy some well-needed rest after a hard round of casino.
DiamondJacks Casino & Hotel
The rejuvenating atmosphere in the hotel rooms serves as the perfect tonic to make you compete again after a well-earned rest. The benefit of staying at this hotel is that you can play casino 24X7. Therefore, if your luck holds well, you could end up with a fortune in a couple of nights on the table. As far as dining facilities are concerned, you have the best cuisine waiting for you to celebrate your winnings.

Fairfield Inn by Marriott Springfield

When you talk about the Marriott Group of hotels of which the Fairfield Inn by Marriott Springfield is one, you get assured comfort and convenience every time you book your suite. Your day starts with a plate of hot and delicious breakfast comprising of scrambled eggs, fruits, biscuits, and fresh coffee. Mind you; this breakfast is a complimentary one; you do not have to pay a dime for it.
Fairfield Inn by Marriott Springfield
Re-energize your body by having a splash in the refreshing pool. If you love adventure, the Whirlpool should be the perfect destination. Springfield, Illinois is a busy business location. Hence, you have various business conferences in the area. This hotel is the ideal place for such business tourists because it has a 24-hour Business Center complete with all facilities. You can use these facilities to complete your last-minute projects and steal the show at the conference in the day. Now, that is what we call as the perfect combination of comfort and convenience.
Quick Links; Save big on your hotel, Hotel Deals and Discounts, Discount Car Rentals, Partnerships, 24/7 Phone Assistance, Videos, Terms of Service, Find a Job, Press Releases
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How do Diamond Casino black jack odds compare to real life black jack odds?

As someone who has played in a real casino, the odds in the Diamond seem so much worse. Specifically, it seems to be such a high occurrence where you can have a high number hand, such as 19, and the dealer is able to pull 20’s and 21’s in what seems to be too frequently in my opinion.
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DiamondJacks Casino & Hotel Bossier City, LA -

Save big on hotel room rates for DiamondJacks Casino & Hotel, Bossier City. Book online now at DiamondJacks Casino & Hotel
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DiamondJacks Casino & Hotel Bossier City, LA -

Save big on hotel room rates for DiamondJacks Casino & Hotel, Bossier City. Book online now at DiamondJacks Casino & Hotel.
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DiamondJacks Casino & Hotel Bossier City, LA -

Save big on hotel room rates for DiamondJacks Casino & Hotel, Bossier City. Book online now at DiamondJacks Casino & Hotel
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DiamondJacks Casino & Hotel Bossier City, LA -

Save big on hotel room rates for DiamondJacks Casino & Hotel, Bossier City. Book online now at DiamondJacks Casino & Hotel
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DiamondJacks Casino & Hotel Bossier City, LA -

Save big on hotel room rates for DiamondJacks Casino & Hotel, Bossier City. Book online now at DiamondJacks Casino & Hotel
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DiamondJacks Casino & Hotel Bossier City, LA -

Save big on hotel room rates for DiamondJacks Casino & Hotel, Bossier City. Book online now at DiamondJacks Casino & Hotel
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DiamondJacks Casino & Hotel -

Save big on hotel room rates for DiamondJacks Casino & Hotel, Bossier City. Book online now at DiamondJacks Casino & Hotel
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Social VR Weekend Round-up!

The Social VR scene is blowing up right before our eyes! All but one day this week has seen a wide variety of events scheduled on various social VR platforms. Here is the weekend line up for those wishing to experience and support the latest in Social VR.
All events are posted in Pacific Standard Time
Friday March 27
12:00 pm PST (Convrge) European Party
6:00 pm PST (Janus) Fight Night 2: The VR Bar in Janus will be presenting a live fight “The Undercard” in Bossier City, Louisiana @ Diamond Jacks Casino & Resort . If you haven’t seen the video spheres within Janus, now would be a great time to do so. Looking into the sphere from the outside, you can see the event taking place within. Stepping into the sphere will teleport you to the live event streamed in surround 360 degree video.
Saturday March 28
12:00 am PST (VR Chat) Brisbane VR Club live: Brisbane VR Club will be presenting live from Australia. Talks will include “Building a Virtual World in UE4” - Alex Stevens and “Open Source Virtual Reality” - Wilf Watson.
11:00 am PST (Convrge) Nvidia presentation on: "VR Direct: How NVIDIA Technology Is Improving the VR Experience". Nathan Reed from Nvidia will be hanging out with guests in the forest theater presenting and taking questions from the audience.
1:00 pm PST (Convrge) Olivier JT of Synthesis Universe Q&A: Come and hang out with award winning French developer Olivier to discuss his project Synthesis Universe. 2014 Proto award winner for Best Art Direction.
6:00 pm PST (Convrge) EDM Saturday Nights: Follow the music to the forest dance floor and get lost in EDM
1:00 pm PST (VR Chat - Overdrive Theater) Roast of Reverend Kyle: Organizers include Matt "Holotape" - Podcaster, Musical Artist, Blair Renaud, Developer, Matt "Stompz" Carrell, VR Locomotion Expert, Bobby Blackwolf, Podcaster & VR Enthusiast, Jason "Apieceoffruit" - Podcaster, Indie developer, Cris Miranda, Podcaster & VR Entrepreneur. Several guest appearances are scheduled as well.
3:00 pm PST (VR Chat) Developer Meet-up: Developers from around the world meet up to discuss development and latest VR news. It has become tradition to take tours of various worlds being created within the VR Chat platform.
6:00 pm PST (Convrge) Shawns Indie/Cult Classic Movie Night: Head to the cinema in the forest for group movie watching courtesy of Shawn Whiting Convrge developer
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Poker player turns $5 bet into $1M at Atlantic City casino: The man was dealt the 10, queen and ace of diamonds in a six-card bonus bet. The dealer's hand was the nine, jack and king of diamonds.

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Poker player turns $5 bet into $1M at Atlantic City casino: The man was dealt the 10, queen and ace of diamonds in a six-card bonus bet. The dealer's hand was the nine, jack and king of diamonds

Poker player turns $5 bet into $1M at Atlantic City casino: The man was dealt the 10, queen and ace of diamonds in a six-card bonus bet. The dealer's hand was the nine, jack and king of diamonds submitted by Jarijari7 to poker [link] [comments]

Solo glitch/ exploit I guess

Edit: Video to help explain:
Using the outfit force save* you can use the diamond slots machine to slowly work up money, when you hit your first big jack pot use the force save and continue to hit the machine at full bet - likewise if you run out of chips, do the glitch :: it has made me 4mil in about 20 mins (I continued for another hour but didn’t have much luck) I also started tallying my results for the odds and how often you should expect a decent payout**.
** 2 big wins (3 of a kinds) 66 small wins (getting one or two diamonds) 320 losses (no match or single diamonds) and 0 jackpots (3 triple diamonds) - however I did get a jackpot approx 400-800 spins before I started the tally
Therefore (approximately): you get a decent win every 160 spins.
Thank you if you read all that lol - I did kinda go on and I hope you go make millions!
Edit: once you have about 700k, it may be useful to use this on the horse races by betting on an unlikely horse until you win or lose everything.
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WSB ---2021 New Years Resolutions

Alright you fellow retards lets all agree to perhaps maybe hit the ground running a little different going into the next year. We've had a great year already so lets not let the Boomers win and say "seeeee the Wall Street Bets crowd ultimately got it wrong." Here is a list of random thoughts/advice/and new years resolutions for 2021. Feel free to add to it in the comments below:
1- FUCKING STOP buying weekly options that are far OTM. Like just stop. Its stupid as FUCK. Buy options that have at least 30 DTE so you have a chance for the position to set up. You can always go back and sell those OTM weeklys against your new monthly calls to some other retard and see how stupid it is. Or worst case you can roll out those options and keep making more money---THIS IS THE WAY
2-Seriously why isn't there a $WSB etf? Right there is our Ticker. Someone smart who knows these things please start up an ETF with all of our favorites so the lazy FUCKS who just want to go along for the ride can get exposure. Also its an ETF----young people love anything that is an ETF and raises the share prices so we all win. Someone make that happen and I'll buy the first 100 shares
3- Loss porn is funny. But you know what we should make a thing with 2021??? Tendie parties. I wanna instead see the insane stupid things people buy with their tendies instead of knowing they stayed in the casino where the house always wins. I'm talking tigers and boats and shit! Looking at you GME gang. This is the year where we get our wives back by giving them DDD implants! You need them for a flotation device incase your private planes crash. So its an investment!
4- Options are great, but remember that the secret is out on us now. Massive buying of options alone doesn't move share price. You know what does? BUYING STONKS!!!! Put half into stocks and other half into options.
5- I love it when shit moons🚀🚀🚀🛸🛸🛸. Like mmmmmmm gets daddy hard in the morning. But I'm going to end up jacking off while my wife fucks her boyfriend if I don't do some profit taking. Sell calls at the highs, pair back positions. I love you diamond hand fucks, but remember the people that are telling you to hold as shit drops are probably the ones who have already hedged their profits.
6- I still want Uncle Cramer to ask me to sit on his lap in 2021 and tell me what a good boy I've been. So lets spend the entire year crushing it so we can get hopefully touched by Uncle and a pat on our bottoms at the end of the year when we truly fucking take this shit over to the next level
7- Lastly: more memes please? its the only thing that makes me laugh when I see my account is down 10% intraday---I know I'm a fucking pussy for not risking it all on stupid shit. 10% is pussy shit---so yea keep em coming!
Any other resolutions? Remember its a long game---Boomers would love more than anything to say we are ultimately wrong. They don't understand we are here to fuck shit up and tear down the status quo. Lets outlive these geriatric fucks so we can run the money printer one day!
EDIT POSITIONS: 3700 shares AMD at $77; 300 GME shares at $17.23; 6 Feb 21 $20 calls long -3 Jan $22 calls -3 jan $25 calls; 400 PLTR shares at $16.27 5 Jan 22 $35 at $14.00 oooof -3 jan 15 $29 calls
Plus a bunch more you don’t care about
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my biggest win in casino yet, bet less than 10k

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Over 42 years ago the "Magnetic Drill Gang" robbed the Murwillumbah (Australia) Bank of NSW getting away with $2 million in cash. No one has ever been charged, no money recovered.

I had a friend who came from this town who told me all about it. It was widely considered to be an "inside job". Interesting that everyone involved has kept their lips sealed for all these years.
Forty years ago, a group of men known as the 'magnetic drill gang' broke into the Bank of NSW in the quiet town of Murwillumbah in the wee hours and stole almost $2 million.
To this day, no-one knows what happened to the cash — worth around $8.5 million in today's money.
The bank is now Westpac.
A country bank in Murwillumbah The bank is now the Westpac bank in Murwillumbah.(ABC North Coast: Donna Harper) The money — $1.7 million — and the gang, whose signature was to use an electromagnetic diamond-tipped drill, were never seen again.
The thieves broke through the bank's back door and used clever techniques to crack the safe open and lock it again, once they had stolen all the cash.
The following morning, a security guard found the back door ajar, and the vault locked from the inside. A locksmith tried to break the safe open, but failed.
Former Tweed mayor, Max Boyd, who was a councillor at the time of the infamous robbery, said a council work crew, who were repairing roads nearby, were called in to help.
"The robbers had spiked the vault door so the bank staff couldn't get inside to see how much money had been stolen, so a council work crew were called in and they had to smash a hole through the bank's thick brick wall to get access inside the vault," Mr Boyd said.
A bank official finally managed to get into the safe and told police "they got the lot".
This slogan was to become famous and was printed on T-shirts and beer glasses that were sold around Australia and the world.
Mr Boyd said many in the community thought it was an inside job.
"The crooks knew that the Murwillumbah branch of the Bank of New South Wales kept cash supplies from other banks in the area, so someone must have told them this as why would they target a country branch?" he said.
He said there were also suggestions that a new police officer in town or one of the security guards could have been involved.
A display of T-shirts and a beer glass with the slogan "They Got the Lot" and a cartoon picture of a criminal running away 'They got the lot' became a slogan for T-shirts and beer glasses, after the daring heist.(Supplied: Tweed Regional Museum) Mr Boyd said he and his brother, Jack Boyd, who was the state member for Byron at the time of the robbery, had concerns about gangsters leaving the big cities of Sydney and Melbourne to move into the Tweed Shire to start up criminal syndicates.
The Boyd brothers successfully stopped former premier Neville Wran's plans to build a casino in south Tweed Heads in the late 1970s.
"Jack was strongly opposed to the casino because he didn't want to see the underworld getting established up in this part of the world and he fought strongly against it during his time in State Parliament and I did too as a Tweed councillor," Mr Boyd said.
Mr Boyd said the famous robbery was part of the Tweed's colourful history, and he wondered if the case would ever be solved.
Police said the case was still open, and they welcomed any new information.
"Even though today marks 40 years since this robbery occurred, the NSW Police remain dedicated to arresting those responsible," NSW Police said in a statement.
"Anyone with any information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000."
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My amateur review of Cyberpunk 2077 (PC version)

My take on Cyberpunk 2077.
I’m playing on a decently powerful PC ( i7 7700, GTX 1070 Ti, 1TB SSD, 32GB DDR4 RAM), and I only started after the game was patched to v1.04. Female V, Street Kid background, on Hard difficulty. I'm not particularly far into the game, as I've been busy with work and also just exploring. Maybe 25% or so done.
I’ve patched the PC version to 1.05. Glitches have been minor, non-gamebreaking graphical issues, mostly things just looking weird. Not common, and more amusing than distracting / infuriating. No crashes, one T-pose, some dumb A.I. stuf. I had one issue where Johnny kept repeating some line about a casino, but I found fast-traveling back to the casino lets the game flag the dialogue as complete and it goes away.
I also used to play the tabletop Cyberpunk 2020 tabletop RPG, so I’m quite familiar with the setting and the changes.
Things to know:
* Despite being based on a popular RPG, it’s more like Mass Effect or the Witcher III vs. Fallout or Skyrim. Your path is just more about if you’re going to respond as a noble anti-hero or an obnoxious dickhead. It’s more Paragon / Renegade responses to the same choice vs. making massive, world-changing decisions. Also, unless this happens later in the game, your background doesn't make a massive difference in the game. Going Nomad or Corpo or Streetkid just seems to change the prologue, give you a few unique dialogue options, and probably a few sidequests. Sort of like the FemShep background in Mass Effect. I was hoping it would be more like the original RPG, where a Corpo could request corporate assets, the Nomad could call in their family convoy, etc.
* The game earns its M-rating. Profanity, violence, gore, and heavily sexualized in-world advertisements that are HEAVILY focused on conventional heterosexual male gaze (Although someone pointed out to me that the Watson Whore ads actually feature a feminine male individual in thigh-high boots, and not a woman as I originally thought). I get it. It’s a dystopia where corporations exploit anything and everyone for profit, but sheesh. It’s 2077. Let’s extrapolate out how 57 years of progress would affect gender and sexuality and really blur the lines. I doubt a transwoman model would be shocking in 2077, even one that is visibly well hung.
You’d think 2077 would have cyborg models that resemble something out of the grotesque Maelstrom transhumanist gangers. I mean, I like porn, and seeing tits and dicks isn’t going to offend me. It’s just so widespread that it loses any shock or titillation value, and it’s too close to actual “sexy” ads that it isn’t an effective satire or parody of hyper-sexualized marketing. I did smirk at going into a Night City sex shop and seeing a display of a female mannequin pegging a male mannequin, so it’s not like I’m completely above cheap titillation.
· Graphics are absolutely gorgeous
· Sound is great, as well as voice-acting. A certain mainstream actor sounds a bit flat, which isn’t uncommon for traditional actors doing voicework.
· World-building and storyline is engrossing.
· Some of the in-game humor is genuinely funny. Some of the relationships with your NPCs is genuinely touching.
· When the game’s missions really embrace the source material, it’s really cool. Like rescuing a rich woman from bio-scavengers stripping her for her high-end cybernetic parts like a Ferrari in a chop shop, and having to un-jam the interference chip that is keeping her internal alarm system from alerting a heavily armed Trauma Team, or corralling rogue A.I. taxi cabs.
· Music is nice and setting appropriate. The licensed music on the radios is great.
· Weapons are neat and have some cool sci-fi features not found in modern shooters. Armor is available in everything from bulky military vests to clubkid wear.
· Braindancing is genuinely cool.
- Some fanservice for Cyberpunk 2020 players, such as Jack Entropy, Morgan Blackhand, Rogue and Johnny Silverhand. There's even a flashback to the distant past of 2023.
- Once you get the rhythm down with weapons, mods, cybernetics, and combining hacking, tech, and firepower and you start ripping through entire gangs like a true street samurai, it is a fucking rush. Scouting, marking targets, disabling security cameras, then stunning the Alpha Dawg with a hack of his cyberware or nervous system, wounding them all with a frag grenade, charging in with a poly-diamond-carbide katana, then retreating to patch yourself up and popping a few guys through cover with a Tech Rifle before finishing off the last guys with a Smart Shotgun feels AMAZING.
· Driving is a bit wonky at first, due to the fact you’re using the A/D keys for left/right, vs. an analog control stick. Seems easier on a motorcycle.
· Combat is a bit annoying at the beginning, as enemies are Borderlands-style bullet-sponges. The original RPG’s Friday Night Firefight combat system emphasized that people don’t magically become more resistant to bullets with experience (outside of armor or implants), and a single, well-placed bullet can drop a rookie Netrunner just as easily as a veteran Solo.
· The breaching mini-game is rather repetitive. I finally figured out the Vertical-Horizontal-Vertical pattern.
· Some of the in-game tutorials or level requirements are unclear or misleading. Like how to disrupt an enemy Netrunner trying to overheat your cybernetics, or what the actual patterns are for the hacking mini-game, although you should have enough time to trial & error a solution. It’s far too easy to stumble into a random encounter or sidequest that you are massively underpowered for (such as the bare-knuckle brawling). It’s even weirder since Witcher 3 did an excellent job of preventing this.
· Upgrade your Cyberdeck as soon as possible, preferably with a Blue or Purple Grade one. This really ups your hacking prowess.
· Sell anything white, and break down anything Green or above.
- There's an Intelligence perk that highlights hostile Netrunners in Amber instead of Red like every other enemy mook. Very, very handy.
- Some of the Power sniper rifles will still penetrate cover, even if they're not a Tech rifle. The slow rate-of-fire, but heavy single shot SPT32 will punch through cover. Very handy for taking out mooks you've marked. There's a Blue crafting recipe, and it's still pretty devastating.
· Mix up your skills. You can’t raise a sub-skill above an attribute, so if you have Reflexes at 7, and Handguns at 7, using a pistol won’t raise your handgun skill to 8 until you boost Reflexes to 8. So switch to a shotgun or melee weapon.
· It doesn’t seem like your character is affected by Cyberpsychosis. In the original RPG, to prevent everyone from going to a full Robocop / Adam Smasher total body conversion, the more hardware you added, the more humanity you lost. Go nuts at the Ripperdoc!
· Melee weapons are surprisingly effective in the 2070s. I avoided them, then tried them out of curiosity when I got an Iconic katana. I didn’t expect to run through a squad of Maelstrom creeps like a Cuisinart with severed limbs flying. MILD SPOILER: There’s a Maelstrom cyborg who is one of the Cyber-Psychos. She’ll close in and slice you to ribbons if you try to shoot her. Duel her, and parry her Mantis blades.
· Don’t forget your grenades! Using grenades helps boost your Engineering skils.
· If you get too many health kits or grenades, you can break them down.
· After hacking a security camera, you can manually reach up to it and permanently switch it off. This prevents it from being turned back on, AND boosts your Engineering skills.
· Hiding bodies in dumpsters, crates, car trunks gives you Stealth XP.
· I’m still searching for a good way to boost Athletics besides running and climbing everywhere. I believe parrying melee attacks with a katana boosts this.
· You can drag someone to a body dump site with your initial chokehold, then kill them and stash their body with one button press once you’ve dragged them to a body dump site.
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Nearly 500 movies since March

Tldr: my wife saw almost 500 new movies this year.
Hello movies, it’s been a crazy year hasn’t it... Theaters are closed, production has (for the most part) ground to a halt and what was scheduled for release has moved to a streaming service or was delayed to next year or both. With the initial quarantine back in March starting I decided to take this unprecedented opportunity to give my wife the catch-up she desperately needed since she didn’t watch very many movies growing up.
A little backstory, she grew up in a home where many movies were forbidden for religious reasons and as a result just never became a cinephile. She saw many Disney movies and a few random others but missed a vast majority of cinemas best (and worst). On the flip side I grew up near a regular theater and a dollar theater and saw a ton of films as a kid and teen, I’d regularly go on weekends or skip school for a triple feature or catch the last showing of something every night of the week.
We’ve been together for almost 11 years now and she would go see anything and everything with me. All the Marvel movies, action comedies, sci fi, animation, whatever... but her movie knowledge is fairly contained within the last decade. So when I got laid off and she began working from home we decided to see how many new movies we could see during this Covid mess.
We defined “New” as anything we had both never seen or anything she had never seen and I hadn’t seen in 10+ years since we met. Since mid March we have managed to watch 500 movies and in the process learn a few things about her individual tastes and the kinds of movies we enjoy watching as a couple the most. I’m going to drop a list of everything we saw, after the list I’ll highlight a few hidden gems we both loved...
Dr No. - From Russia With Love - Thunderball - You Only Live Twice - Goldfinger - On Her Majesty’s Secret Service - Diamonds Are Forever Never Say Never Again - Live and Let Die - The Man With the Golden Gun - For Your Eyes Only - The Spy Who Loved Me - Moonraker - Octopussy - A View to a Kill - The living Daylights - License to Kill - Goldeneye - Tomorrow Never Dies - The World Is Not Enough - Die Another Day - Casino Royale - Quantum of Solace - Skyfall - Spectre - Enter the Dragon - Way of the Dragon - The Big Boss - Fist of Fury - Game of Death - Bruce Lee: The Man, The Myth - Bruce Lee: The Legend - The Birds - Dora and the Lost City of Gold - The Brady Bunch Movie - A Very Brady Sequel - Planes, Trains, and Automobiles - Kingpin - Leave It To Beaver - Speed - Cuban Fury - Adventures of Robin Hood (1938) - Weird Science - Keeping Up With the Joneses - Blades of Glory - Zoolander - Semi-Pro - So I Married An Axe Murderer - Disaster Movie - Oceans 11 - Dude, Where’s My Car? - Undercover Brother - Superstar - Zombieland - Men In Black: International - Snatch - Earth Girls Are Easy - Mystery Team - Once Upon A Time In Hollywood - Rush Hour - Miss Congeniality - Pitch Perfect 3 - There’s Something About Mary - Gone in 60 Seconds - Young Frankenstein - 300 - Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse - Wayne’s World - Wayne’s World 2 - Rocketman - Beverly Hills Ninja - Murder on the Orient Express - Friday - 9 to 5 - Drunken Master - The Naked Gun - Baywatch - Forbidden Planet - Baseketball - Hot Shots - Hot Shots: Part Deux - Anchors Aweigh - Mamma Mia - Tommy Boy - Clue - Dumb and Dumber - Monty Python’s Meaning of Life - Monty Python’s Life of Brian - Rango - Sausage Party - Broken Lizard’s Club Dredd - Flintstones - A Knights Tale - Stuck on You - Coneheads - Land of the Lost - Police Academy - Police Academy 2: The First Mission - A Night At the Roxbury - Holmes and Watson - Anchorman - Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues - Talladega Nights: Ballad of Ricky Bobby - Osmosis Jones - Venom - Sherlock Gnomes - Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery - Austin Powers 2: The Spy Who Shagged Me - Austin Powers 3: Goldmember - Mystery Men - Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker - Escape From New York - Escape From LA - Napoleon Dynamite - Total Recall - Major Payne - Mars Attacks - Shaolin Soccer - Let’s Be Cops - The Great Outdoors - Smokey and the Bandit - Smokey and the Bandit - Kicking and Screaming - Kiss Me Kate - The Spy Who Dumped Me - The House - The Wiz - Shaolin vs Lama - Close Encounters of the Third Kind - Kung Fu Gold - Smokey and the Bandit Part 3 - Saturday Night Fever - 48 Hrs - Another 48 Hrs - Enter the Invincible Hero - Ip Man - Shaolin Drunk Fighter - The Great Wall - Smokin’ Aces - Down Periscope - The Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell of Fear - Hero - The Towering Inferno - The Sitter - Isn’t It Romantic - Jackie Chan’s First Strike - The Dead Don’t Die - Shallow Hal - Kiss of the Dragon - Rapid Fire - The Invincible Armour - Innerspace - Date Movie - The Lost World (1960) - It Came From Outer Space (1953) - The Body Snatcher (1954) - Time Bandits - Bad Times at the El Royale - The Shadow - A Fantastic Fear of Everything - The Ladykillers - Flash Gordon - Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult - Robin Hood (2018) - Enemy of the State - Kill Bill Vol 1 - Kill Bill Vol 2 - Some Like It Hot - She’s Working Her Way Through College - Stir Crazy - Zombieland: Double Tap - Mystery House - Jet Li’s Fearless - Desperado - Ed TV - Ready Player One - Shaolin Kung Fu Mystagogue - Back to the Future - Back to the Future II - Back to the Future III - Tango & Cash - The Burbs - Sherlock Holmes: Terror by Night - Casablanca - Circle of Iron - Beavis and Butt-Head Do America - Missing in Action - Missing in Action 2: The Beginning - National Treasure - Shaolin Fighters Vs Ninja - Fast Times at Ridgemont High - The Running Man - Little Cigars - Legion of Iron - Green Dragon Inn - The Warriors - High Anxiety - Joe Versus the Volcano - Chinese Hercules - Predator - Predator 2 - Coming To America - Legend - Five Kung Fu Daredevil Heroes - Pretty In Pink - Timecop - The Castle of Fu Manchu - Gator - The Mystery of Mr Wong - Robocop - Double Teamed - The Forbidden Kingdom - Sharknado - Sharknado 2: The Second One - Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! - Meatballs - Young Guns - The Addams Family (2019) - I Come In Peace - Masters of the Universe - Conan the Barbarian - Demolition Man - Sudden Death - The Heat - I’m Gonna Git You Sucka - Mortal Kombat - Unleashed - Curse of the Swamp Creature - The Cabinet of Dr Caligari - Messages from Space - John Carpenter’s The Thing - Stroker Ace - Dragnet - Of Cooks and Kung Fu - To Be Or Not To Be - Silver Streak - The Hustle - Sixteen Candles - Young Tiger - The Spy Next Door - Half Baked - Funny Girl - Phase IV - Point Break - Tank Girl - Universal Soldier - Conan the Destroyer - Lethal Weapon - Gojira - The Deadly Silver Spear - Car Wash - Hard Target - Big Trouble in Little China - Blade - Looper - Five Fingers of Steel - Clash of the Titans (1981) - Blade II: Bloodhunt - Showdown in Little Tokyo - Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons - Enter the Fat Dragon - UHF - The Falcon in Danger - Roadhouse - The Falcon Strikes Back - The Falcon and the Co-Eds - The Falcon Out West - Jumanji: The Next Level - Cyborg - Masterminds -?The Falcon in Mexico - The Falcon in Hollywood - The Falcon in San Francisco - Blade: Trinity - The Falcon’s Alibi - The Falcon’s Adventure - Dick Tracy, Detective - The Ape - Big - What We Do In The Shadows - The Departed - Gemini Man - Crippled Avengers - Camp Takota - Dick Tracy vs Cueball - Brightburn - Kickboxer - The Five Venoms - The Weird Man - Hellbound - Assassins Creed - The Flag of Iron - Trolls: World Tour - Masked Avengers - Dick Tracy’s Dilemma - Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome - Upgrade - The Cabin in the Woods - True Lies - The Maltese Falcon - Last Action Hero - Espionage in Tangiers - The Man From U.N.C.L.E - Saving Silverman - Dead End - Breakfast at Tiffany’s - Showtime - The Dark Tower - Tomb Raider - Five Elements Ninjas - Cherry 2000 - Johnny Cool - Freaks - Phantom Raiders - Wonder Park - Running Scared - The Bad News Bears - Cat People - The Happytime Murders - Double Impact - Murder, My Sweet - Tammy and the T-Rex - The House With a Clock in Its Walls - War - Street Fighter - Ex Machina - Attack The Block - The Avenging Eagle - Jexi - Ghost - Bad Girls From Mars - Cook Off! - Alita: Battle Angel - The Blob - Invasion U.S.A. - Journey Into Fear - Sharknado: The Fourth Awakens - Barb Wire - Cloverfield - Searching - Death Warrant - Invasion of the Body Snatchers (‘78) - Critical Condition - Stan & Ollie - Mystery in Mexico - Slaughterhouse Rulez - The Adventures of Prince Achmed - The Crawling Eye - Beyond a Reasonable Doubt - Chinatown - The Fly - Stagecoach - The Replacement Killers - Ishtar - The Jesus Rolls - The Getaway - Sky Murder - Action Jackson - Snake Eyes - Sharknado 5: Global Swarming - The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time - G.I. Joe: The Movie - Bad Boys - Bad Boys II - Bad Boys For Life - Movie Struck - Bohemian Rhapsody - Spies in Disguise - Blacula - Zis Boom Bah - Rock ‘n’ Roll High School - Hong Kong Confidential - Judge Dredd - Dick Tracy (1990) - The Cool and The Crazy - Die Hard - Queen of Outer Space - In Bruges - Armored Car Robbery - Fargo - Not So Dumb - Old Dracula - Creature From the Black Lagoon - The Invisible Man - The Green Slime - Don’t Breathe - Tenet - Vampyr - The Haunting - Scream Blacula Scream - The Monster Squad - The Cat and the Canary - Halloweentown - Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge - Scoob - The Mummy (1959) - A Quiet Place - The Haunted Mansion - Halloweentown High - Mom’s Got A Date With A Vampire - Plan 9 From Outer Space - Trick ‘r’ Treat - Lemora: The Lady Dracula - Under Wraps - The Little Shop of Horrors (1960) - The Mad Monster (1942) - Carnival of Souls - Happy Death Day - The Craft - Scream - Rear Window - Yongary, Monster From the Deep - Snakes On A Plane - Cosmic Monsters - The Comedy of Terrors - Killers From Space - Friday the 13th - House on Haunted Hill - The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension - Roald Dahl’s The Witches - The Lost Boys - Attack of the Puppet People - Ready or Not - Return to Halloweentown - Mr. Boogedy - Early Man - Howard the Duck - Dr Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine - Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot - Good Boys - Sky High - We Bare Bears the Movie - Raising Arizona - Book Club - Ferdinand - Police Story - The Wolf of Wall Street - Casino Royale (‘67) - CB4 - Xanadu - Johnny Mnemonic - Slumber Party Massacre - Regular Show: The Movie - Our Man Flint - Psycho - Saturday the 14th - Journey to the Center of Time - Playing With Fire - Stuber - In Like Flint - Bill & Ted Face the Music - The Birdcage - The Big Sleep - Sonic the Hedgehog - Life Stinks - Dr Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs - Happy Death Day 2 U - Freejack - The Brain that Wouldn’t Die - Collision Course - Almost Heroes - The Trouble With Spies - North By Northwest - Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn - The Man Who Knew Too Much - Jingle All the Way - Mexican Spitfire - The 6th Day - Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang - Deck the Halls - Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town - The Leprechauns’ Christmas Gold - The Iron Giant - Elf - It Happened on 5th Avenue - Jack Frost - The First Christmas: The Story of the First Christmas Snow - The Year Without a Santa Claus - Pinocchio’s Christmas - Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer - The Shop Around The Corner - Snow Day - Frozen 2 - Scrooged - The Polar Express - Rudolph and Frosty’s Christmas in July - Rise of the Guardians - Trapped in Paradise - Elf: Buddy’s Musical Christmas - Jack Frost (‘98) - Christmas with the Kranks - Nestor, The Long Eared Christmas Donkey - Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch - Santa Claus Conquers the Martians - Wonder Woman 1984 - The Wizard - Small Foot - Mom and Dad Save the World
I’ve noticed that my wife seems to prefer old movies to new ones (overall). Some Like It Hot became an instant favorite for her... She also loved seeing things like Freaks or the Hitchcock films that get referenced a lot. She’s like Captain America pointing out all the references she gets now. We also found out she loves James Bond (mostly older ones), she doesn’t hate Will Farrell as much as she thought (or at all really), she loves bad/old/obscure movies, scary movies aren’t as scary as she thought they’d be, and that she’s basically Jennifer Anniston’s character from Office Space with her crazy love for old Kung Fu.
As far as random recommendations my wife wanted to shout out all the Falcon films, Our Man Flint and In Like Flint, and Tammy & The T-Rex. I wanted to shout out The Forbidden Kingdom, Dr Goldfoot and The Bikini Girls & Dr Goldfoot and The Girl Bombs, and Old Dracula. If anybody wants to just talk movies I always welcome
I can’t wait to expand her movie history in this coming year, there’s always plenty of bad obscure movies but now that she is into it it’s time to bring out the heavy hitters. Godfather, Jaws, Alien, Citizen Cane, Clockwork Orange, 2001 A Space Odyssey and more are still in the pipeline... If you’re still with me here I want to sincerely thank you for reading about our journey this year. I love you movies, and I hope y’all have a wonderfully cinematic 2021.
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Sabacc with standard deck of cards

I want to play Sabacc, but can't print or afford a real deck. So I made some rules for a standard deck of cards. I wanted to make it simple to start, but add the ability to add rules as people get familiar with playing. I used other people's variants for inspiration and I take no ownership for these rules and want no credit for them. I just wanted to share them so someone else might enjoy them.
Sabacc (Simple Variant)
Items needed: Standard Deck of Cards (with Jokers) Six Sided Die (2 Die for Interference Shield variant) 23 Counters per Player
Card Values: Black Suits are Positive Red Suits are Negative Ace is worth 1 2-10 is worth their number Jack is worth 11 Queen is worth 12 King is worth 13 Joker is worth 0
Start of the Game: Each player gets 23 counters.
Start of a Hand: If there is no dealer then a dealer is chosen. The dealer stays the dealer for the whole hand. The dealer deals two cards to each player and places the rest of the deck in the middle of table.
Ante: Each player places one counter in a pot to the side of the cards. This is the Sabacc pot. The first round starts after everyone adds the pot.
Length of Hand: A hand is played at least three rounds. (Use an indicator of some sort to show round number)
Round of Play
Betting Phase: The person to the dealers left starts the bet. The bet is a minimum of one counter and a maximum number of counters equal to the total number of players. After each bet the person to the bettor's left either matchs the bet, may raises the bet if it has not yet reached the maximum limit, or discards their cards, leaves the hand and forfiets any counters bet. All players must match the current bet or forfeit the hand.
Shift Phase: Dealer rolls a six sided die. If a 4, 5 or 6 is rolled then nothing happens. If a 1, 2 or 3 rolled then the player to picks a card in the hand of the player to their left. The selected cards are discarded and the dealer deals a new card to each player.
Call Phase: At the end of the third round and at the call phase of every round for the rest of the hand any player may call and the hand ends.
Deal Phase: Dealer deals one card to each player. Each player can discard any card in their hand. A player must have a minimum of two cards, but has no limit to the maximum number of cards.
Winning Hand
Winning: After a hand is called, each player adds their black suit cards and subtracts their red suit cards. The winner is the player closest to positive 23 or negative 23 wins without going over. The winner wins the bets of all players.
Sabacc: If a player gets exactly 23, either positive or negative, they have a Sabacc. A Sabacc wins the bets of all players and the Sabacc pot.
Sudden Demise: If there is a tie either positive or negative then the person with the most cards wins. If there is still a tie then the dealer gives each player who has tied a card. The scoring for all players is recounted, and a new winner is declared. If there is another tie, resolve as above.
Reverse Sabacc: If all players are over 23 then all bets go to the Sabacc pot.
Dealer Shift: After each hand the Dealer's role is taken by the player to the former dealer's left.
End of the Game: The end of the game happens when a player loses all their counters and the latest hand is over. The player with the highest total of counters wins. If the Sabacc pot is higher then all players, no one wins.
Advanced Variants
Advanced variants are decided on by players before the game starts. The variants below are only examples. Different players and casinos have their own variants.
Interference Shield: Before the Shift phase of a round a player may place any cards from their hand face up. That card is now considered locked. During the Shift phase, instead of one die, two dice are rolled. A shift only occurs if the numbers on the dice match. If a shift occurs any cards not locked are discarded and replacement cards are dealt to each player equal to the cards the player discarded. A locked card can still be discarded by player after cards are drawn.
Jawa's Choice: During Draw phase, a player can take the top card from the discard pile instead being delt a card from the top of the deck. The player may still discard a card from thier hand.
Bombing: If a player ends the hand with more the 23 or less then -23 then they bomb. If a player bombs they add to the Sabacc pot a number of counters equal to the number they bet in that hand. Should tied players have hands that bomb after an extra card, then the player must pay to the Sabacc pot a number of counters equal to the number they bet in that hand.
Pure Sabacc: In addition to 23 being a Sabacc, a player can get zero. A player who gets a total of zero has a Pure Sabacc. A Pure Sabacc beats a normal Sabacc.
Idiot's Array: If a player has a hand of only a joker (0), a two of any suit and a three of any suit then they have an Idiot's Array. In the event two players get an Idiot's Array each player draws a card. Card closest to zero wins.
Alternate Arrays: Specific combinations of cards specified before play begins beat any hand of equal value and may make the player eligible to claim the Sabacc Pot if they win. Some examples: The Queen of Air and Darkness: Any hand containing a Queen an Ace. Endurance: A hand of all black or red suits except for a king card of the opposite suit. Balance: Hand has equal number of red and black cards. Demise: The value of hand is points over 23 (positive or negative). If bombing variant is used then player must follow those rules after the winner is decided and winnings collected. Moderation: A hand with a red 10 and black ten. The Evil One: A hand containing the Ace of Spades and the Ace of Clubs. All cards count as negative. The Star: Any hand containing an Ace and any numbered Diamonds.
Corellian Spike: Before the first draw phase, the dealer deals one card and places it face up in front of each player. In draw phase, players may buy new cards for two counters. If the player buys a card, they could either discard the new card, swap it with one of the two cards in their hand, or swap it with the spike card. In shift phase, if a one is rolled (double ones if using Interference Shield) the card placed in front of player is discarded and replaced by one dealt by dealer instead of a change to the player's hand. The winner is the player closest to zero instead of 23. A regular Sabacc is now 0. Variations can beat a regular Sabacc. Fleet is a four of a kind equaling zero. Yee-Haw is a pair with red and black if same number and a joker that equals zero. Rylet is black three of any kind and red pair, or vice versa. Gee-Whiz is black suit from 1 to 4 and red 10, or vice versa. Straight Khryon is run of four cards (eg. 4, 5, 6, 7) with red and black suit that equal zero. Bantha's Wild is three cards of a kind and other cards that equal zero. Rule of Two is two pairs of two card of a kind that equal zero. Ties are resolved by the player with the lowest card in their hand winning the hand. If both players have lowest card then player with most cards wins. If there is still a tie then players draw a card. Lowest card wins.
Real Betting
When money instead of counters is used, the following changes are made to the rules.
Ante: A big and small blind are added. The player to the dealers left puts in an agreed upon big blind to the Sabacc pot and player to the left after the big blind player puts in a small blind that is half the big blind to the Sabacc pot. Intial bet and raises should also be decided.
Bidding: Minimum and Maximum bids are agreed upon before the hand starts.
End of Game: Game ends once no Sabacc Pot remains and players who can still ante and make a minimum bet decide to end game.
Null Sabacc: If only one player can play then that player receives the remaining Sabacc pot.
Bombing: Bombing is treated the same, except the amount added to Sabacc pot. Bombing requires the player to add the total of all bets forgot the hand to the Sabacc Pot.
Corellian Spike: Cards are bought for twice intial bid.
Idiot's Array: When determining the winning hand an Idiot's Array does not end the game and is considered better then a Pure Sabacc and wins player bets and the Sabacc pot.
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Winning $425,000 in 3 Minutes (High Limit Blackjack ... Diamond Jack - YouTube Bayou Boogie Band at Agave Bar - Diamond Jack's Casino GTA 5 Online The Diamond Casino & Resort DLC Update - NEW HYPERCAR! FREE Rewards Program & MORE! The Villain I Appear To Be (Diamond Jack) 【covered by Anna ... Diamond Jacks Hotel + Casino, Bossier, Louisiana - YouTube JACKPOT★Triple Diamond Dollar Slot Machine Max Bet $3 Hand ...

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Winning $425,000 in 3 Minutes (High Limit Blackjack ...

GTA Online The Diamond Casino Heist - Gruppe Sechs Gear Part 1 & 2 [The Big Con - Solo] - Duration: 18:24. GTA Series Videos 124,626 views. 18:24. Deep Cleaning a SMOKER'S Dirty Car DISASTER Car ... The Bayou Boogie Band performs live at the Agave Bar inside Diamond Jack's Casino in Bossier City, Louisiana. Winning $425,000 in 3 Minutes (High Limit Blackjack) at the Diamond Resort & Casino in Grand Theft Auto Online Shreveport-Bossier, Louisiana 🍀Thank you very much for watching my video andThank you so much for your comments. Your words always encourage me. I really appreciate. ありがとうございます🍀Akafuji ... Hello everyone! This week I sang The Villain I Appear To Be from Diamond Jack, composed by Connor Spiotto! I love Diamond Jack! If you haven’t had the chance... Here's my third year film at calarts!I hope you have a blastt!!Song: "The Villain I Appear to be" by Connor Spiotto A huge thanks to my composer Connor Spiot...