Legale Online Casinos & seriöse Anbieter in Deutschland

Importante! Mi sono impantanato in un casino "legale" e non so come uscirne, qualunque idea è ben accetta.

Mi trovo in un grosso casino. Provo a farla breve.
Mi sono trasferito in un'altra regione per studiare all'università, ma avendo delle necessità specifiche avevo bisogno della copertura medica in tale regione. Per avere la copertura medica avevo bisogno della residenza, ma il padrone di casa è stato piuttosto chiaro sul non volermela dare.
Mi sono quindi rivolto al Comune per chiedere come fare, ma lì mi hanno detto che io ho non solo il diritto di spostare la residenza nel luogo dove vivo, ma perfino l'obbligo (!), anche se ci vivo solo temporaneamente. Lì, in meno di cinque minuti, mi hanno spostato la residenza all'indirizzo dove risiedo, assicurandomi che 1) avrei potuto spostarla facilmente nella regione di provenienza una volta finita l'università e 2) che il proprietario non sarebbe stato avvisato, in quanto non dipendeva da lui. Io non voglio problemi, ma quello sembrava l'unico modo per vivere qui (dopotutto avevo già firmato il contratto e non potevo recederlo), quindi ho lasciato correre.
Vengo al punto: a giorni dovrei firmare il nuovo contratto e con orrore ho realizzato che dovrò, ovviamente, scrivere sul contratto il mio indirizzo di residenza. Altrettanto ovviamente non so che cazzo fare ora.
a. Glielo dico, non mi rinnova il contratto;
b. Non glielo dico, dichiaro il falso e beh, ho dichiarato il falso;
c. Sposto di nuovo la residenza nel luogo di nascita (ma poi, come? Se ora sono qui...), perdo la copertura sanitaria;
d. Un utente Reddit più intelligente di me trova una soluzione altrettanto intelligente.
Posto che lunedì mi precipito al Comune, intanto ogni consiglio/idea è ben accetta 🙏
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How do casinos legally ban players that are too good?

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Is casino legal in your country?

Waiting for your activity in this topic
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Online Casino Legal in Malaysia?

According to the betting act passed in 1953 by the Malaysian government, Casinos were made illegal in Malaysia. You are not allowed to open a casino or go to a casino until today. It is illegal to gamble in Malaysia.
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Are Bitcoin Casinos Legal?

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Virginia Casino Legalization Remains Attractive Despite Pandemic

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Are Casinos Legal? I quit this game 3years ago and i came back 4days ago but i see only CASINOS EVERYWHERE and where are the old mods? @ShadowSurfer etc like bruh there are only 25k players online at maxium at 6pm there are only 9k what is this game :*(

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How do you feel about casinos/legal gambling establishments?

I am usually very conservative when it comes to topics like this. I am strongly against the legalization of marijuana, for example*. For the record, I never gamble, bet, or go to casinos, and have no real interest in doing so. It seems like the conservative political position is to be against casinos and that type of thing.
However, I think I am a bit more libertarian on this topic than conservative. There are no casinos in my state but I am a short drive away from two states that have legal casinos (MD, and WV). I don't find the argument that it is a good way raise money for the state very compelling. Rather, I just don't see it as something that should be restricted. There doesn't seem to be anything perverse about it. And while you do hear horror stories of people getting addicted and letting it ruin them financially, the vast majority of people seem to use it as a fun social thing.
I am curious to know what you all think about it, especially if you are against it. People for it are also welcome to contribute, but I am mainly looking for strong counterarguments.
*I mentioned I don't want legal weed. Please, for the love of God, don't make this discussion about that.
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[HIRING] ($15-30/hr) Developer for online casino (legal!)

Hello! This is my first post in here, I hope this would be the correct sub.
I’m in the process of building my own bitcoin gambling site. It’s fully legal, as I’ve taken all of the precautions in filing for the accreditation and such. However, I know very little when it comes to developing a site like this.
Pay is negotiable right now, as I’m not quite sure what’s fair. I know it will be somewhat in depth, as it requires the implementation of crypto wallets for deposits and withdrawals.
If someone thinks they’re a viable option for this, feel free to DM me! I know this probably looks somewhat sketchy, but I could fill anyone in on the details through messaging. A contract could be signed if wanted, or I could pay out the hourly wage daily, as I know this project will last a week or two.
Thanks in advance!
(EDIT:) like I said, I’ve never used this sub before, so I don’t have a credibility rating. I have hood scores on Credobot and others that other subs use, and I can provide proof of legitimacy :)
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Virginia casino legalization and online poker.

Anyone following the casino and sports betting bills in Virginia? Apparently they voted to legalize both but, I’m curious if the language of either bill will allow legal online poker here. I already use ignition but if I could do it legally on a regulated site I’d rather go that route.
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Are online casinos legal for German players?

Are online casinos legal for German players?
You will hear this question again and again in the media and among friends. Even if, apart from the special case of Schleswig-Holstein, which will be discussed shortly, online casino gambling is officially prohibited in Germany, so in online casinos is tolerated, if the providers adhere to the protection of minors, because minors in particular must be protected against the influence of gambling and the consequences of gambling addiction. You should visit for more information. As a background, you have to know that the federal states have so far not been able to agree on a regulation that would probably also hold up before a European court and that does justice to the Union-wide freedom to provide services. For you, this means that you have to make sure that you choose a provider who has a license from a European regulatory authority.

The licenses relevant for German players are those of the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) and the Gibraltar Gambling Commissionwhose logo you can usually find in the footer of the casino pages. These are subject to European law and offer you, in addition to toleration in Germany, other tangible advantages. They are obliged to carry out regular audits and their random number generators are constantly monitored. Another important point is the separation of business and player accounts. For offshore countries outside of the EU, such criteria are not set out in law and you have the problem in a possible legal dispute of having to enforce your law in a non-European country. You will also often find the logo of the authority from Great Britain. Even if it is not legally relevant for German players, it is a good marker for the seriousness of a casino .
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Why aren't casinos legally obligated to show slot machine odds?

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Is Online Casinos legal in Norway?

Hello, I'm from Norway, play online casino like 5 years, today I read the article and found out that casinos, like this norsknettcasinos com are illegal in my country, but still, me and some my friends play it without any problem. What do you think about it? What situation in your country?
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Are Bitcoin Casinos Legal in the USA?

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Are Bitcoin Casinos Legal in the USA?

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Are Bitcoin Casinos Legal in the USA?

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Are Bitcoin Casinos Legal in the USA?

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How Much Do Y’all Think Casino Legalization Would Change RVA?

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Is Online Casinos legal in Norway?

Hello, I'm from Norway, play online casino like 5 years, today I read the article and found out that casinos, like this norsknettcasinos com are illegal in my country, but still, me and some my friends play it without any problem. What do you think about it? What situation in your country?
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Bitstarz casino legal reddit

A huge number of live dealer games enhances the conventional casino feel the website is going for. When it has to do with casino games and pokies, BitStarz supplies a fantastic choice in addition to a wide selection. With big winnings and wonderful games being supplied, BitStarz has grown into one of the better Bitcoin casinos to visit.
Explore bitstarz casino legal reddit!
Discover Bitstarz casino legal reddit!
One, most casinos place them within their own category. BitStarz Casino has an entirely web-based platform developed by a business referred to as SoftSwiss.
It’s true, you can perform a variety of live dealer games on the BitStarz Casino website. The kind of the bonus is irrelevant. BitStarz Casino was made in 2014 by a little group of casino-enthusiasts.
All Bitstarz bonuses include the exact same stipulations. A great deal of important and useful information concerning different issues can be discovered in the section Help. The operator gives a welcome offer associated with the bonus code.
You’ll also have the ability to gain from greater rewards from casinos that do offer BTC as a currency, because there are far less overheads like processing fees which arrive with all the other banking types. Just ensure you make a normal deposit now and then and you ought to be okay. Then, for their first deposit, it will give them a 100% match bonus that can go as high as 100 or 1 BTC.
Thus, the username, email address, password, and kind of currency are the sole information needed to begin an account. The overwhelming majority of online casinos don’t ask for private information like your name, address of residence or stay. Just type farther down the casino address in your cellular browser and register to it or log in with the details you’ve already utilised to go into the casino from your PC.
Credit: bitstarz casino legal reddit.
Credit: Bitstarz casino legal reddit.
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Are casinos legally allowed to use hired gamblers in order to increase revenue?

Can a casino hire people to gamble at their locations? I'm not saying that the casino will bend the rules to let this person win, but the paid gambler will play at the same odds as everyone else. In a skill game like blackjack, one person's actions can affect the other's. If the hired gambler hits and stands at certain times, they can make the game for more difficult for others at the table. In a game like poker, a couple of paid gamblers could intentionally lose, thus encouraging the winner to play additional games. The casino makes a rake off all games, so it doesn't matter if the player wins. Finally, perhaps I am wrong in this point, but having more money on the table might encourage additional bets. If the paid gamblers puts hundreds of dollars on the table, others might get excited and decide to join it.
In short, the gambler is not cheating or anything like that, he's simply playing the game with a certain intention in mind. Would that be legal? What exactly would make that illegal?
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West Virginia Online Poker + Casino Legalized on March 27

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Online Legal Casinos for US Players - YouTube Starburst slot in legale belgische casino - YouTube Casino ist legal ist einfach - YouTube Verboten: Illegale Online-Casinos machen trotzdem weiter ... online casino legal 🔷 Making money online is easy with ... Online Casino Trick Legal Casino Hack - YouTube online casino legal 🔵 Do you want to get free first ... Understanding Your Legal Rights in Casinos with Gambler's ... Roulette Trick des Jahres, Geld legal im Casino abräumen ...

Jackpot City Casino – Legale Spiele mit 1600€ freiem Bonus. Mai 28, 2017 Obwohl die behaupteten Ergebnisse von Produkten willkürlich sind, können Sie dennoch eine Theorie formulieren, die die Auszahlungsrate der Maschine voraussehen würde. Wie, wenn jemand erklärt das Jackpot City Spiel und schlägt die Nummer mehrere, als nächstes von allen Berichten die sieben wird wahrscheinlich ... Unsere 6 wichtigsten Kriterien für legale Online Casinos: Warum wir im Online Casino Test bestimmte Kriterien definiert haben, ist nun klar. Doch welche Merkmale machen die besten Online Casinos überhaupt aus? Alle wichtigen Kriterien für Kasino online Anbieter gibt es hier auf einen Blick. Lizenzen / Regulierung. Die Lizenz eines Online Casinos gehört zu den wichtigsten Merkmalen im ... Legale und seriöse Online Casinos mit Lizenz zu finden kann manchmal etwas kompliziert sein. Hier bei finden Sie garantiert seriöse Online Casinos für Ihr Bundesland. Für jeden Spieler, aber besonders für Casino Kunden aus Deutschland, steht die Sicherheit eines Online Casinos an erster Stelle. Niemand möchte Echtgeld auf einer zwielichtigen Glücksspiel Plattform mit einem ... So erkennen Sie legale Online Casinos für Deutschland. Deutsche Spieler, die im Jahr 2020 im Online Casino legal um echtes Geld spielen wollen, sollten auf die folgenden drei Merkmale von seriösen und vertrauenswürdigen Internet Glücksspiel Anbietern achten: 1. Das Casino muss eine EU Lizenz besitzen Wer sind legale Anbieter in Deutschland? Online Casino per se ist in Deutschland nicht verboten, nur sehr streng reguliert. Momentan gibt es Rechtssicherheit für jene Anbieter, die eine Deutsche Lizenz halten. Casinos, die zurzeit mit einer Konzession aus Deutschland ausgestattet sind und bei denen in diesem Fall eine deutsche Regulierungsbehörde im Hintergrund steht, welche die ... Alle Informationen gibt es hier – erfahrt warum das bet365 Casino nicht geht. So erkennt ihr legale Online Casinos für Deutschland. Unter den derzeit geltenden Gesetzen könnt ihr drei Kriterien anwenden, mithilfe derer ihr recht einfach bestimmen könnt, ob ein Online-Casino in Deutschland legal ist. 1. Das Online-Casino besitzt eine EU-Lizenz . Ist beim Anbieter eurer Wahl eine Lizenz in ...

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Online Legal Casinos for US Players - YouTube

Lists the best legal casinos that accept USA players and includes why each online casino is best. See how to find the best online casinos for 2014 here. Here... Get €1000 BONUS + 125 Free Spins at Vulkan Vegas Casino ⬇️👇⬇️👇⬇️ Subscribe to Youtube channel⬇️ ... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Fоlgеndе Dіngе ѕоlltеt Ihr іmmеr bеасhtеn! Dаmіt dаѕ Sуѕtеm funktіоnіеrt, ѕоlltеt Ihr mіt einem Guthаbеn vоn 250,00 € ѕtаrtеn. Nur ѕоmіt іѕt ... Interview with author and gambler's attorney, Bob Nersesian, about the legal rights of players in casinos. Interviewed by gambling expert, Steve Bourie, the ... Noch immer können Spieler in Online-Casinos um Geld zocken, obwohl in Deutschland alle Angebote mittlerweile illegal sind. Nach Recherchen von NDR und "SZ" t... Get €1000 BONUS + 125 Free Spins at Vulkan Vegas Casino ⬇️👇⬇️👇⬇️ Subscribe to Youtube channel⬇️ ... De Netent Slot Starburst op De site voor alle slots van Belgische legale casinos. Topics covered include: the various bets that can be made; the casino's advantage on those bets; the worst bet you can make; the difference between double-ze...